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world stealth organization shieldThe Group of Nine (G9) member nation bloc is comprised of the nine most dangerous countries in the world. This authoritative and respected list is determined by an exhaustive range of criteria – taking into account past history, current security situations, field observations and expert assessment of impending threats in the future.

The G9 was formed in 1937 when it was determined that the deteriorating world situation warranted decisive action. It is heavily reliant on assessments by agents of the global network of the World Stealth Organization (WSO). The G9 wishes to pay special tribute to the hundreds of agents who lost their lives or are still missing in the course of compiling strategic data for this report.

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy and effectiveness of covert actions initiated by the WSO and other forces in the world theater, the G9 operates entirely independently of the Security Council and does not recognise its authority or veto powers.


map of the world in camouflage green military colors


army tank in the midst of a desertFounded in 1747, Afghanistan won its independence from the British in 1919. The country was invaded by the Soviet Union in 1979 and a ferocious war followed for a decade. A civil war was to follow and in 1996 the Taliban took control over Kabul. In 2001 Osama Bin Laden masterminded the terrorist attacks on New York City and a US led alliance toppled the Taliban regime in the ensuing period.

The situation has been unstable since then, with the Taliban continuing to remain a formidable force in Afghanistan. Meetings are held with neighbors from time to time such as Pakistan and Iran to consider border and terrorism issues.


Central African Republic

two navy helicopters hover overheadThe Central African Republic, formerly a French colony, gained its independence in 1960. Three decades of bad governance, mainly by military leaders, followed. A civilian led government established in 1993 ended in the 2003 coup led by General Bozize.

The country has widespread regions of lawlessness. Turmoil persists with the Lord’s Resistance Army and various rebel groups active around the country. In 2012 rebel groups took control of various towns in the north and central regions and the capital was seized in 2013. Skirmishes sometimes erupt over agricultural rights along the border regions with southern Sudan.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

group of soldiers march in the desert with a few support trucks behindA former Belgian colony, The Democratic Republic of the Congo became independent in 1960. President Mobutu, who seized power in 1965 to begin a brutal regime spanning three decades, oversaw the country changing its name to Zaire. His government was in turn toppled in 1997 with backing from Rwanda and Uganda.

His successor Laurent Kabila faced a difficult security situation – with forces from Angola, Chad, Namibia, Sudan and Zimbabwe becoming involved. He was assassinated in 2001. Outbreaks of conflict continue to plague the country in the years following with numerous militias in existence.


an army tank in a desert landscape poised for action


a bomb explodes on the ground as the fighter jet flies offIraq had been occupied by Britain during WW1 and went on to become a kingdom in 1932. A quasi republic was established in 1958 after which the country was ruled by a series of dictators, the last of whom was Saddam Hussein.

The country endured a savage eight year long war with Iran from 1980 to 1988. Two years later, Iraq seized Kuwait leading to the Gulf War in 1991 where US led coalition forces succeeding in liberating Kuwait. For more than a decade, Iraq failed to comply with various UN resolutions relating to weaponry.

Finally, a US led invasion deposed the government. Iraq continues to be a dangerous place with ISIS active within the country.



a stealth aircraft in flight with 'wso' markings faintly visibleMachineville, the City of Robots, is the world’s largest robot metropolis and is growing at a breath-taking rate. Intelligence is extremely difficult and dangerous to obtain about this disturbing city state. Satellite imagery paints an exceedingly grim picture of expansion and military build-up. Most alarming of all is evidence of the construction of a super rail gun – likely to be the largest ever built.

More and more warships from major powers such as the USA, Russia and China are being observed in the region right on the edge of Tortoise Islands territorial waters. It is generally believed by analysts that the World Stealth Organization (WSO) is very active in the field. A recent series of explosions only three miles (five kilometers) south of Machineville has been linked to the WSO.

Reports that Machineville is seeking independence from the Tortoise Islands by proclaiming Fear Island as a country in its own right are sending shockwaves around the globe. Machineville's membership of the G9 is disputed and the organization does not know how Machineville became a member but is unable to expel it under the rules.



large turret section of an aircraft carrier close upSomalia had become an independent nation in 1960, however a coup in 1969 was to lead to an authoritarian and violent rule. The country collapsed in 1991 and the situation deteriorated into anarchy and chaos. A northern section of the country known as Somaliland declared independence and maintains an independent security apparatus, however its status is not generally recognised. Meanwhile, a semi-autonomous region known as Puntland was also in the process of being established and also has a security force.

In the 90s, Somalia was often described as a “failed state” and in 1993 a UN peacekeeping force entered the country. However, many casualties occurred in a raid on Mogadishu in 1993. Peace and reconciliation conferences were to follow but the civil war was to continue. Concurrently, piracy was escalating in waters off the coast of Somalia. Al-Shabaab is active in the south.


a jet in flight with a ball of flames behind it from a dropped bomb

South Sudan

soldiers in an armored vehicle with weapon pointed at the skyIn 1956, Sudan gained independent status with an agreement that people in the south would have status in the new political system. However, this fell apart in this unstable nation and two ferocious periods of conflict occurred (1955-1972 and 1983-2005).

A Comprehensive Peace Agreement was finally signed in 2005 and a referendum initiated which led to the secession of the new country of South Sudan in 2011.

The new nation has been unable to provide good governance and rebel militias operate in the territory coupled with a humanitarian crisis. Attempts are now being made to create a government of national unity.



distant shot of a desert village with a plume of smoke in the skyFollowing independence in 1946, Syria proved to be unstable, and a series of military coups ensued. In 1958 it joined with Egypt to form the United Arab Republic, but this association fell apart a few years later and once again the nation was called the Syrian Arab Republic.

In 1970 Hafiz al-Asad seized power to be succeeded by his son Bashar al-Asad in 2000. Strong anti-government protests broke out in 2011 and quickly spread around the nation in violent conflict between the government and opposition groups.

Intense international pressure has been applied since then with sanctions applied by the US, EU, Arab League and Turkey. More than 130 countries recognized the Syrian National Coalition as the legitimate representative of the people. Peace talks have been largely unsuccessful. Conflict continues and the humanitarian crisis in the region is the largest in the world.


Tortoise Islands

an old battle tank marked with a tortoise islands flagThe Tortoise Islands is universally considered the most dangerous country on earth. The country’s huge southern island – Fear Island – is outside the bounds of the Rule of Law. As the only place in the world where dinosaurs still exist, only the toughest, most fearless, most desperate, and perhaps maddest humans venture to the wild jungles, harsh deserts or uncharted mountains of the island.

It is not for no reason that the treacherous waterway that separates the island from the mainland is called the Strait of no Return. Destrucula – the world's most wanted criminal – is believed to be based on Fear Island. Fear Island is also the location of Machineville which is covered elsewhere in this report.

To the north, Greater Tortoise Island in its own right is a cauldron of intrigue and instability – with rebels in the north and in some regions, utter lawlessness. A few cities like the capital Los Midas are relatively safe but the precarious situation changes by the day.


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